About Shayna Aigner

Thanks for visiting my Portfolio! 

My name is Shayna Aigner. I started experimenting with different art mediums about 2 years ago. Since I took my first art class (beginning sculpture) I've known that I wanted to pursue the arts in some way. Junior year, I took a class in graphic design and fell in love with it. I loved learning how art can be used as a form of communication. I like how when someone views a piece of art, no opinion is being forced onto them. Instead, they view the art the way they see it, and developing their own interpretation on what it means or what it is expressing. To me, this is the most effective form of communication.  Outside of graphic design, my work consists of a variety of mediums including clay, watercolor, acrylic paint, oil pastels, colored pencil, graphite pencil, chalk paint, and photography (with incorporations of mixed media).  

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